This is largely due to the fact that my prices include shipping and handling charges of $3 - $8 depending on product value, size and weight. For instance, a small lightweight product such as a lipstick has around $3 in shipping and handling charges included. Larger heavier products such as shoes has an additional $6-$8 in shipping and handling charges included due to their size and weight. Heavier products or those of high value are typically shipped via USPS Priority Mail as well.
You may feel free to contact me at any time by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking where it says, "Contact". This shows you the URL you can copy & past into your browser that will allow you to send a private message via the Adina's Attic Facebook Page. I will personally reply as quickly as possible! Contact Us via Facebook Messenger --> http://m.me/AdinasAttic
Yes, absolutely! Simply Like & Follow Adina's Attic on Facebook to be notified of sales, giveaways and more. https://www.facebook.com/AdinasAttic
All orders ship within 2-5 business days, Monday through Friday.
It is strongly recommended that you contact us for insurance if damage in transit is of concern to you. Otherwise we are not responsible for orders once in the hands of USPS.
Yes, I currently and ONLY accept U.S. Postal Service Money Orders which can be purchased and mailed at your local office. Also note that additional expenses for this method is the buyer responsibility.
No, sorry I will not be adding Stripe as a payment method because they offer no protection, unlike PayPal which does.
Try-Me Size is simply how I refer to samples which are not foil packets :)